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Park Lines

After reading an article re Edinburghs "forbidden" gardens i thought about trying create some images of those spaces. The OSM data is a bit lacking in detail though and distinguishing between household private gardens and those described is not easy just now. There is a Barrier=fence data tag for some of the spaces but not in general .

So instead i decided to play with the parks differences between some cities.

Using a query of the form "leisure=park in X" where X is a particular city on the Open Street Map data.

Exporting to geojson, Then into QGIS to change coordinate frame ( EPSG 3857 ) and export to DXF. DXF imported to inkscape and scale the shapes to a common scale.

Export and use svgnest/deepnest to sort the objects in a standard box.

City vs City using parks

Connolly at 75: MacLean

1st June 2017

For some reason they painted over the old Viaduct mural that used to be on this wall.That mural was referenced in the Peoples mural which was also a commission for the BBC celebrating the Commonwealth Games.
Are there not enough gable ends available and why all three in the city centre. I realise two are vaguely close to the Scotia but none in Partick or near the shipyards ?

2nd Mural.
Vettrianos on Dixon St

From Glasgow Uni Bell Tower

May 28th 2017

I had made a panorama of the Thomas Annan photos from the top of the Bell Tower a few years ago.
Glasgow 1907
 photo Glasgow1907_fused-16k_zpse7dd8710.jpg

( NB )
A video was posted to twitter on May 26th 2017 from the tower ( ) so i tried to match the images.

110 years apart

( Zoomable version with images as layers; From Bell Tower )

Connolly at 75: Vettriano

Glasgow Hootenanny
Dixon St
24th May 2017

First of three murals for Billy Connollys 75th birthday.
Others to come on Osborne st and the Gallowgate.